Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Find Online Education Opportunities at GeneaWebinars

This week;'s Tuesday's Tip is:  Find online genealogy education opportunities - webinars, hangouts, chats, etc., on http://blog.geneawebinars.com/p/calendar.html.

GeneaWebinars was set up as a one-stop place, with the calendar, that genealogists and family historians can find upcoming educational opportunities.  Here is the website (two screens shown):

If you click on the linked title of the specific opportunity, you can see more information.  I clicked on the December 2 webinar for "Sources in Stone -- Cemetery Research by Gail Blanenau":

Each entry on the calendar provides the date and time, a link to the website, a presentation description, a link to register, and a link to add it to your Google Calendar if it is required.

The list for the next two weeks includes (times are Eastern US):

*  Tuesday, 24 November, 1 p.m.:  Barefoot Genealogist - Ancestry.com
*  Wednesday, 25 November, 12 noon:  Tracing Immigrant Origins - Dear MYRTLE
*  Sunday, 29 November, 9 p.m.:  Family History Chat in Second Life
*  Monday, 30 November, 12 noon:  Mondays With Myrt
*  Tuesday, 1 December, 1 p.m.:  Barefoot Genealogist - Ancestry.com

*  Tuesday, 1 December, 9 p.m.:  Tech Tuesday on Second Life
*  Wednesday, 2 December, 12 noon:  Gen Tools Study Group with DearMYRTLE
*  Wednesday, 2 December, 2 p.m.:  Stories in Stone - Cemetery Research by Gail Blankenau
*  Wednesday, 2 December, 9 p.m.:  Wacky Wednesday with DearMyrtle's Very Distant Cousin
*  Friday, 4 December, 10 p.m.:  #genchat: Using non-genealogy software in genealogy

*  Saturday, 5 December, 1 p.m.:  The Curious Case of the Disappearing Dude
*  Sunday, 6 December, 9 p.m.:  Family History Chat in Second Life
*  Monday, 7 December, 12 noon:  Mondays With Myrt
*  Monday, 7 December, 9 p.m.:  Meet & Greet in Second Life (for Newbies)
*  Tuesday, 8 December, 1 p.m.:  Barefoot Genealogist - Ancestry.com
*  Tuesday, 8 December, 9 p.m.:  The US Federal Census: Good, Bad, and Ugly For Genealogists - Gary Smith

As you can see, there are many educational opportunities online to learn about topics of interest.

All of the above are, I believe, free to access when they are presented live.  Some of the genealogical society webinars are not available without a membership after the live presentation.  The webinars on FamilyTreeWebinars.com are available for free for seven days, and then most of them are available after the seven days in the subscription side of the site.

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