Thursday, July 30, 2015

British Royals Website

During our Mondays With Myrt discussion yesterday (see, Billy Wallace in Scotland commented that their was a website with information about the British Royal family -  I checked it out and really enjoyed reading through the site.  Note that this is not the official website for the royal family.

Here's what I saw:  the home page:

The chart in the middle caught my eye immediately.  The graphic rotates - at the time I took the screen shot above it was for the House of Normandy:

A reader can click on a link for the next "House of" at the bottom of the graphic. Or click on the "Previous Tree" or "Next Tree" at the top of the graphic.

The graphics start with the House of Wessex with Alfred the Great (849-899), and end with the House of Windsor and Queen Elizabeth II.

There are thumbnail graphics for many of the persons in the trees, especially the Kings and Queens.  I clicked on the graphic for King John and saw (two screens):

Each biography for one of these persons includes a summary, a life sketch, and a Timeline.

I think that this is a pretty good resource for readers interested in the British royal family.  I am interested, since I think they are my cousins!  The biography pages seem well written, but I cannot judge the accuracy of them.  There may be other resources for this information.

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