Tuesday, April 12, 2016

DNA.LAND Adds More Content to Their Site

I wrote about DNA.LAND in DNA.Land Launches New 3rd-Party DNA Analysis Website (12 October 2015).  Recently, they added more content to their website.

Here is their home page after I signed in:

There are three reports that I can see:

*  Find Relatives
*  Find Relatives of Relatives
*  Ancestry Report (Improved)

I clicked on the link to the improved Ancestry Report and saw:

My ancestry, according to DNA.Land is:

*  100% West Eurasian
** 82% North Central European
** 10% South European
*** 8.6% Balkan
*** 1.6% Ambiguous
** 7.6% Ambiguous

They provide a map showing the ethnicity regions:

There are three tabs for the map:

*  Colors: Same as Above
*  Greyscale: Indicating Percentage
*  Both at Once

When I made these charts, there were 18,000 persons in the database.

I had four "Relatives" - three with high certainty matches and one that was a "speculative match."

Here is the first "High Certainty Match" with "recent" DNA:

I blanked out the name and email address in the first column.  This is a Relationship Degree 9 (4th cousin) relationship, with 24 shared segments and 106.79 centiMorgans, but only 21.99 cM shared in "recent" DNA.  

In the right-hand column, there is a chromosome map with 22 autosomal chromosomes showing the "recent" segments and the "ancient" segments.  The only "recent" segment I have with this match person is on chromosome 1.  I can click the "show/hide table" link below the chromosome map that shows the starting and ending locations of the matching DNA data on each chromosome.

I have not tried to correspond with the match persons yet to see if we can find the common ancestors.
Back on the first screen, there is a blue box that entices me to "Import from Geni.com."  I tried, but nothing happened for some reason.

As this website grows, I hope that more matches appear.  I also hope that someone with more knowledge than I have will explain the "recent" vs. "ancient" DNA segments.


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T said...

I don't know what to make of my results. First of all, I forgot I had done this web site so I checked when I saw your post. I have two matches, one links to this person https://twitter.com/erlichya and the other to this person https://twitter.com/benjamin_lerch
Reading their tweets it appears they are both involved with DNA land in some capacity.

My second observation was that my map is almost identical to your map. We have a shared ancestor WAY back there so is that the reason?
West Eurasian 100% North/central European 75%
North Slavic 9.5%
Southwestern European 6.2%
South European 5.1% Ambiguous 5.1%
Ambiguous 4.5%

There was a time when I thought I could learn this but that time has passed. I now know I will likely never be able to decode these results. I have my DNA at FTDNA and GEDmatch and DNA Land. If someone contacts me I will surely answer them but I feel like my life raft has a leak and there is nothing I can do to fix it.