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Treasure Chest Tuesday - 1917 Death Record of Anna (Schoonover) Dickisson of Newark, N.J.

Yes, I know it's supposed to be Treasure Chest Thursday, but I can't help it - I want to share some of the records that I (and others) have found in my/their repository and online searches for my ancestral families.

This week's Treasure is the 1917 death certificate for Anna Dickisson from Newarj, Essex County, New Jersey:

The extracted information on this record is:

1.  Place of Death:  Essex County, Newark, 38 Walnut St.
2. Full Name of Deceased:  Anna Dickisson
3.  Sex:  Female
4.  Color or Race:  White
5.  Marital Status:  Widowed
6.  Date of birth:  Dec 10 1850
7.  Age:  67
8.  Occupation:  Housework
9.  Birthplace: M.J.
10.  Name of Father:  Elija Schoonover
11. Birthplace of Father:  U.S.
12.  Name of Mother:  Anna Schoonover
13.  Birthplace of Mother:  U.S.
14.  Informant:  Mrs. Retta Garis, 1084 Grove St.
15.  Filed:  Nov 28 1917 

16.  Date of Death:  11 26 1917
17.  Cause of Death:  Carcinoma of gall bladder, possible gallstones
18.Length of Residence:  
19.  Place of Burial or Removal:  Newton, Nov. 29 1917
20.  Undertaker:

The source citation for this record is:

State of New Jersey, Bureau of Vital Statistics, Death Certificates and Indexes, 1878-1955, Certificate and Record of Death, Anna Dickisson Death Certificate (26 November 1917),  New Jersey State Archives, Trenton.

There are at least two probable errors in this record:

1)  It states the birth date is 10 December 1850, while there is a birth record for Ann Schoonover in Sussex County, New Jersey for 22 February 1851 to Elijah and Sarah Schoonover

2)  It states the parents names are Elija and Anna Schoonover, while the birth record says Elijah and Sarah Schoonover.

Notwithstanding the errors, it is pretty clear that this is Ann (Schoonover) Dickisson, the widow of Wesley Dickisson, and the daughter of Elijah and Sarah (Auble) Schoonover..

The informant is "Retta Garis," who is surely her daughter, Loretta (Dickisson) Garis (1871-1958), wife of Albert W. Garris (1870-1937) of Newark, New Jersey.

My thanks to Michelle Tucker Chubenko for finding this record for me at the New Jersey State Archives.


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Marshall Clow said...

I suspect that she's buried here: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=14629082