Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Lyle Carringer Enlists in the U.S. Marines Corps Reserves

I love to search through the San Diego Union and Evening Tribune newspaper articles on GenealogyBank for my Carringer, Auble and Seaver families.

I found a good one today - the article noting the enlistment of my grandfather, Lyle L. Carringer in the U.S. Marines Reserve.

Here is the GenealogyBank search result:

The snippet of the article:

The transcription of the article:

17 San Diegans 
Take Oath of 
In Active Service With United
States Marine Reserve
Corps; 5 From Marston's

Seventeen San Diegans have
taken the oath of allegiance and
are now in active service with
the United States marine reserve
corps, according to Sergeant H.
A. clausen, in charge of the
local marine corps recruiting
station.  Among the men are
five clerks employed at Mar-
ston's a former bluejacket, and
a retired hardware merchant.

The seventeen marine corps
reservists include Charles P.
Hornbeck, Schuyler Case, Harry
Hornbeck, Adolphus Riddle,
Harry Riddell, Harry H. Hinde,
George Bradbury, Arthur Brad-
bury, Lyle L. Carringer, Beaufort
Brabazon, Willard Houghton,
Perry Spelts, Clarence Schmid,
Wilfred Coull, Martin Hansen,
Herschell Combs and Orvin

The source citation for this article is:

"17 San Diegans Take Oath of Allegiance," The San Diego [CA] Union, 9 May 1917, page 3, column 4, Lule L. Carringer entry; digital image, GenealogyBank (http://www.genealogybank.com : accessed 21 June 2016), Newspaper Archives collection.

I wonder who the other Marston's employees are who enlisted with Lyle.  He started working at Marston's, a downtown San Diego department store, as a cash boy at age 13, and worked there for 56 years.

I wonder if there are any descendants of these 17 enlistees who did not know that there ancestor enlisted in the Marine Reserves.  Perhaps they will Google the ancestors name and find this blog post.

Here is my grandfather in his Marine Corps uniform (I love this photo!):

Search engines are amazing!  I keep finding articles like this every time I venture into the San Diego papers on GenealogyBank.


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