Tuesday, September 13, 2016

2016 Rockstar Genealogists Announced

John D. Reid has compiled over 2,000 votes from genealogists all over the world for Genealogy Rockstars in various categories and has announced the medal winners in two blog posts:

*  2016 Superstar Genealogists
*  Rockstar Genealogists 2016: Silver and Bronze Awards

The winners were:

1)  International, U.S.A. and Genetic Genealogists:

Gold:  Judy G. Russell -- www.LegalGenealogist.com/
Silver:  CeCe Moore -  TheDNADetectives.com
Bronze:  Blaine D. Bettinger -- theGeneticGenealogist.com/

2)  Australia/New Zealand:

Gold:  Jill Ball -- http://geniaus.blogspot.ca/
Silver:   Shauna Hicks -- www.shaunaHicks.com.au/
Bronze: Michelle Patient -- www.facebook.com/michelle.patient
              Helen V. Smith -- HelenVSmithResearch.blogspot.com.au/

3)  Canada:

Gold:  Gail Dever -- http://GenealogyalaCarte.ca/
Silver: Lorine McGinnis Schulze -- www.OliveTreeGenealogy.com/
Bronze: Christine Woodcock -- www.GenealogyToursofScotland.ca/

4)  England/Wales/Scotland:

Gold:  Kirsty Gray -- http://family-wise.co.uk/blog/
Silver: Chris Paton -- http://BritishGenes.blogspot.ca/
Bronze: Debbie Kennett -- http://Cruwys.blogspot.com/

5)  Ireland:

Gold:  Maurice Gleeson -- http://DNAandFamilyTreeResearch.blogspot.com/
Silver John Grenham -- JohnGrenham.com/
Bronze: Claire Santry -- www.IrishGenealogyNews.com/

Congratulations to all of the Rockstars - the honors are well deserved!

I note that all of them have websites and blogs.  The list is much different than the list in earlier years.

John Reid will announce the top 10 in each category later this week.  Thank you to John for organizing and reporting on this vote each year.


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