Friday, September 16, 2016

New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday, 16 September 2016

I received this press release from Findmypast today:


New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday

Over 4.7 million new records have been added this week including;


Ireland Valuation Office Books

Ireland Valuation Office Books contains just under 2 million records. The collection houses several types of manuscript records from the Valuation Office in Ireland including field books, house books, quarto books, rent books, survey books, and tenure books. All of these books helped to inform the publication of Griffith's Valuation; a comprehensive assessment of the rental value of Irish lands and property from the mid-1820s to the mid-1850s.

Each record includes both a transcript and an image of the original document. The amount and type of information will vary depending on the date and nature of the document. Images offer additional information, particularly about the land being assessed. Some book types, such as tenure books, include notations about the property as well as notes on the cost of rent and any additional observations. House books also often include descriptions of a property and its various components, such as notations of office, barn and piggery. Quarto books include observations about the tenement.

Original Will Registers 1858-1920

Ireland, Original Will Registers 1858-1920 contains over 181,000 records and forms the largest collection of surviving wills for post-1858 Republic of Ireland. The registers come from will books created by the district courts and held by the National Archives of Ireland. The collection includes wills from Northern Ireland up until 1917. Each records contains both a transcript and an image of the original source document.

Ireland, Catholic Qualification & Convert Rolls 1701-1845

Explore lists of over 50,000 Irish Catholics who swore loyalty to the crown or converted to Protestantism. During the harsh Penal Laws of the 18th century, Catholics were restricted from owning property or having businesses so many chose to either convert (at least legally) to the Church of Ireland or swear loyalty to the Crown in front of a court so that they might qualify for certain rights.

Each record contains a transcript and an image of the original entry. The amount of information may vary as there are different kinds of records included in the collection. Most records will reveal your ancestor's address, occupation, date of conversion or qualification, date of enrollment or court hearing and the location of the court.

Ireland Merchant Navy Crew Lists 1863-1921

These brand new records consist of indexed lists of men and women who served with the Merchant Navy and reveal detailed information for each crew member such as where and when they were born and details of their life at sea. They hold the names of thousands of men and women from Galway, Belfast, Dublin, and lands farther away such as Philadelphia, Norway and many more. Crew lists also recorded marriages, engagements, births and deaths at sea.

Each record includes an image of the original record and a transcript. Transcripts will usually list your ancestor's birth date, birth place, vessel name, ship number, registry port and the nature of the event that was recorded.


Lincolnshire Baptisms

Our collection of Lincolnshire baptisms is now available to search by name, year, place and parent's names. Lincolnshire baptisms contains over 1.9 million parish records dating from 1538 to 1911 and will allow you to discover your ancestors birth year, baptism date, location and parent's names. Each record includes both an image and a transcript of the original document.

Lincolnshire Banns

Lincolnshire banns is now available to search by name, year, spouse's name and location. The collection contains over 121,000 records covering banns read in Lincolnshire parish churches between 1538 and 1911. The records allow you to discover your ancestor's residence, banns date, spouse's name' spouse's residence and location.

Lincolnshire Marriages

Our Lincolnshire marriage records are now available to search by name, birth year, marriage year, spouse’s name and location. The collection now contains over 933,000 records and covers more than 650 locations across the county. Discover your ancestor's age, birth year, residence, marriage date, location, father's name and spouse's details as far back as 1538.

Lincolnshire Burials

You can now search our Lincolnshire burial records by name, birth year, burial year and location. Lincolnshire burials contains over 1.4 million records covering more than 300 burial places across the county. Discover your ancestor's age at death, birth year, burial date and burial location.

Lincolnshire Parish Register Browse

Browse over 5000 parish registers containing more than 4.4 million records of baptisms, marriages and burials from all over Lincolnshire.

British Newspapers

Over 1.6 million new articles have been added to our collection of historic British newspapers. 14 brand new titles have been added to the collection from right across the country including the Preston Herald, Norwich Mercury, Warwick and Warwickshire Advertiser, Barnsley Chronicle, Durham Chronicle, East & South Devon Advertiser and more.


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