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Treasure Chest Thursday - Post 329: List of Children Births of Jonathan Thurston (1659-1740) in Little Compton, R.I.

It's Treasure Chest Thursday - time to look in my digital image files to see what treasures I can find for my family history and genealogy musings.

The treasure today is the birth record for all of the children of Jonathan Thurston (1659-1740) in Little Compton, Rhode Island:

The births of Jonathan Thurston's children is:

The extracted information from this record is:

THURSTON, Jonathan, 1650, died 1740
THURSTON, Edward, of Jonathan, Oct. 18, 1679
THURSTON, Elizabeth, Nov. 29, 1682
THURSTON, Mary, March 20, 1685
THURSTON, Jonathan, July 5, 1687
THURSTON, Rebecca, Nov. 28, 1689
THURSTON, Content, Aug. 18, 1691
THURSTON, Sarah, Nov. 9, 1693
THURSTON, John, July 12, 1695
THURSTON, Eleanor, Nov. 26, 1696
THURSTON, Hope, Nov. 26, 1698
THURSTON, Abigail (m. White), May 7, 1700
THURSTON, Patience, Feb. 16, 1702
THURSTON, Amey, Jan. 29, 1705
THURSTON, Peleg, July 8, 1708
THURSTON, Jeremiah, May 8, 1710
(THURSTON, Susanna, May 20, 1712)
(THURSTON, Joseph, April 25, 1714)
(THURSTON, Job, July 1, 1717)

The source citation for Abigail Thurston's entry is:

"Rhode Island, Vital Records Extracts, 1636-1899," indexed database and digital image, (, Volume 4, "Newport County Births, Marriages, Deaths," Little Compton Births and Deaths, page 174, Abigail Thurston entry.

Eighteen children are listed with Jonathan as their father.  For some reason, the last three have parentheses around them.  It may be that the mother of those three children was not the mother of the other fifteen children.  Jonathan Thurston probably married his first wife in 1678, since the oldest child was born in 1679.  She was probably at least age 18 at marriage, meaning she was born about 1660.  If her last child was Jeremiah, then she would have been age 50 when he was born.  She may have died soon after.  

Of course, there may be three wives or more for Jonathan, but there are very few "holes" between children - the only gaps between children of more than two years are 1702-1705 and 1705-1708.  

Jonathan Thurston named 12 of his children in his 1735 will;  Rebecca, John, Hope, Amey, Peleg and Jeremiah were not named.

The handwritten Little Compton town records may shed some light on the children and Jonathan's wives, although James Arnold, who transcribed the records, was known to be very careful, but errors do occur.  This is what I have at the present time.

Jonathan Thurston (1659-1740)  is my 7th great-grandfather.  I am descended through Abigail (Thurston) White (1700-????), who married William White (1708-1780) in 1729.


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