Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dear Randy: What Did You Learn About RootsMagic Syncing at RootsTech 2017?

A society colleague asked me this question because we have been discussing it at our monthly San Diego Genealogical Society RootsMagic User Group (our next meeting is Saturday, 25 February at 10:30 a.m. at the San Diego FamilySearch Library (4175 Camino del Rio South, San Diego CA).  .

My direct answer is:  Not much news from RootsMagic.  I talked to Bruce Buzbee and he said they are working with the Ancestry-provided API for syncing with an Ancestry Member Tree.  He did not provide a firm release date for the feature, nor did he describe the capability in any detail.  Bruce wants the sync feature to work well right out of the gate.

I wrote Family Tree Maker 2017 Software Announced at #RootsTech on 9 February 2017, and the important feature to me was:

*  FamilySync:  An upgrade from TreeSync.  FamilySync is our version of the new technology replacing TreeSync.  Families will love the new ability to sync multiple copies of FTM to one Ancestry tree.

I talked a bit to Jack Minsky, the owner and developer of FTM 2017, and he demonstrated how FTM 2017 will work.  He said it will be a synchronization of a complete FTM tree with an Ancestry Member Tree (AMT), with sync to that AMT available from multiple computers (desktop, laptop, relatives, etc.).  

Assuming that the Ancestry API is not unique to Family Tree Maker, I believe that the RootsMagic synchronization with an Ancestry Member Tree will be similar to the FTM sync - a complete RootsMagic tree with an Ancestry Member Tree.  

Previously, I had speculated that the RootsMagic and Family Tree Maker sync with an Ancestry Member Tree would be similar to the current RootsMagic sync with the FamilySearch Family Tree - one person, one event or relationship at a time.  I now believe that my speculation was wrong.

I look forward to the day when I can synchronize my RootsMagic file with my Ancestry Member Tree, my MyHeritage tree, my Findmypast tree, an AmericanAncestors tree (not yet available), the FamilySearch Family Tree, WikiTree, Geni World Tree, etc. from within RootsMagic - just by pressing the right button or link.  A dream?

I also look forward to being able to access those trees and have them provide record hints or matches directly to RootsMagic - just click and the relationship, event, source citation (in EE form?) and media are integrated into my RootsMagic database.  A dream?  Probably, but it's mine!

Off the soapbox...I can hardly wait!


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MHD said...

Thanks for the update, Randy. Maybe we'll get more info at Jamboree in June. Or, at least, maybe they're thinking about it...? Here's a clip from the Sunday schedule:

SU003 RootsMagic and Ancestry: Together at Last
Learn how to use RootsMagic to easily sync your personal database with your Ancestry tree(s) and to share data and collaborate with others using this tremendous online resource. You’ll also learn how RootsMagic’s WebHints will automatically find possible records for the people in your RootsMagic database. Level: Beg., Int., Adv. (Bruce Buzbee of RootsMagic)