Friday, March 3, 2017

RootsMagic Shows Ancestry TreeShare and Ancestry WebHint Preview

Michael Booth on the RootsMagic Blog, in the post A Sneak Preview From the Underground Labs, has provided some preview screens of the new TreeShare and WebHints features.  See the post for more information.

I made this visual with the Windows Snipping Tool:

The first screen is how you upload a tree to a new Ancestry Member Tree and connect to it, or download an Ancestry Member Tree into RootsMagic and connect to it.

The second screen shows the comparison of information for a person in RootsMagic on the left with the person in the Ancestry Tree on the right.  The event entries are color coded, similar to how RootsMagic color codes with the FamilySearch Family Tree.

On the second screen, there is an index list of persons with icons that show whether each person is in the RootsMagic tree and the Ancestry Tree.  That's a nice feature.

The WebHints feature is also discussed and shown - the WebHints list for each record provider is familiar, but will have added with Total, pending, confirmed and rejected numbers.  When you click on the Ancestry WebHints, you get a list of records and then can select each one and transfer data from the record into RootsMagic, including a source citation and a media image.

I look forward to testing this when it is released.


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tkoniuszy said...

Thank you for this sneak-preview....I appreciate all you do to keep those who are following your blog updated with the newest, latest and greatest. It is a great time-saver for me and I know I can go directly to your blog to keep updated....Jeanne