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Day 11 on the 2012 Legacy Cruise At Sea -- Post 464 of (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Linda and I enjoyed the Legacy Family Cruise in May 2012 from Oslo to Le Havre to Cherbourg to Dublin to Liverpool to Edinburgh and back to Oslo.  I took some photos with my camera (not cell phone), and summarized the days as below:

We did not get off the ship at Edinburgh on Day 10 because the sea was too choppy for Linda to safely go ashore on the tender.

Day 11 (Sunday, 20 May 2012) was another "at sea" day, this time between Edinburgh and Oslo.  It was also a Legacy genealogy class day.

It was a quiet morning – we slept in a bit, went up to breakfast, and Linda went off to the pool. I read my book in an easy chair watching the ship cut through the fog.

After a quick lunch, I gathered my laptop and headed off at 12:30 p.m. for the Conference Room on Deck 6 for the last day of Legacy genealogy classes. Judy Wight presented “Digging for Gold in British Estate Records,” and then I presented “The Genealogical Proof Standard and doing a Reasonably Exhaustive Search” and “Searching Effectively.” Ken McGinnis presented “Merging 101 and 202” which I had trouble following in Legacy Family Tree. Then there were questions and answers for all of the speakers. Geoff held the last drawings for Legacy CDs, and made a pitch for the 2013 cruise. We signed up for it!

Here is a photo from the podium:

We had dinner at a different table tonight because we were late to the dining room after trying to sort out the dining staff tips. We ate at the same table with Ken and Diane and Dave and Peggy. After dinner, it was off to the shopping area to buy several cruise pictures, and more gifts.

This is the end of the photos from the 2012 Legacy Family Tree cruise.


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