Friday, May 19, 2017

Genealogy News Bytes - 19 May 2017

Some of the genealogy news items across my desktop the last two days include:

*  The BCG/Family Tree Webinar "MAXY DNA: Correlating mt-at-X-Y DNA with the GPS,"  by Debbie Parker Wayne, CG, is available to watch free for a limited time, and any time with a Family Tree Webinar subscription.

*  The Family Tree Webinar "Hands-On with Legacy Hints: Using MyHeritage Record Matches and Smart Matches" by Geoff Rasmussen and Mike Mansfield is available to watch FREE for a limited time.

*  MyHeritage announced their "Collection Catalog" for their online resources - there are over 6,500 collections with about 7.8 billion records.

*  The Virtual Institute of Genealogical Rresearch (VIGR) has announced new courses - see

*  Episode 191 – Project 2020, Celebrating the Pilgrims’ 400th/ Hooking Your Kids On Family History of the Extreme Genes podcast is available.

*  The latest Lost Cousins newsletter (17 May 2017) is available from Peter Calver - this is a weekly newsletter about British Isles databases and genealogy research.  It's free - subscribe to receive the email notice.

* has a new video on YouTube - "County and Local Histories: A Gold Mine of FAN Club Information" by Crista Cowan.

*  The BYU Family History Library has a new YouTube video - "Record Hints - How To Use Them" by James Tanner.

*  Saw a wonderful historical map site for the British Isles - see Maps of Britain and Ireland’s ancient tribes, kingdoms and DNA by Sandra Rimmer.


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