Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Family Tree Maker 2017 - 13 June Update

The Family Tree Maker User Facebook group page has this latest update from Family Tree Maker about Version 2017:



Some good news tonight. We have confirmed that additional modifications made to keep FTM trees safe seem to have been successful. That means for the first time in a week we can begin the process of getting syncing back online again for FTM 2017 testers and test drivers. A hundred core beta testers will perform sync testing tomorrow and if all goes well, we’ll be restoring syncing to all FTM 2017 users by the end of the week.

We built the Sync Weather Report system with the ability to shut down syncing in case of potentially dangerous syncing “weather” to keep user trees safe. We had of course hoped we’d never have to use it, but we were awfully glad it was there when we began to get reports of an elevated number of sync issues last week. Our early warning systems worked, and allowed us to shut down syncing quickly to protect user trees.

While sync system modifications were in progress, we decided to build in some new safety features. A warning message will now appear whenever the sync system gets a delete request. (“Are you sure you want to delete 29 people?”) We’ll also make the sync change log hard to miss. Currently it appears just for 60 seconds which you’d miss if you left to make a sandwich while syncing. So now you’ll need to click a button to continue.

As soon as we’re able to resume syncing for test drivers, we’ll announce that here, on our support site, and by email. FTM users will also see the color of the Sync Weather Report window change from Red (no syncing) to Orange (sync with caution). As soon as the Test Drive 2.0 program is ready to roll, we will announce that here, on our support site, and by email as well. And, as usual, we’ll continue to update the status of FTM 2017 here and on our support site:


This has been frustrating for many FTM 2017 Test Drivers.  It looked like FTM 2017 was progressing nicely and would be released shortly.  Now the test drive syncing with  has been stopped and delayed until Friday at the earliest.  

Disclosure:  I have paid for Family Tree Maker 2017 and am patiently waiting for the release of the software.  I have received material considerations from Family Tree Maker over the years.

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Dianne Nolin said...

I for one am getting a little fed up. I purchased the 2014.1 (in 2016) when they switched and it took forever to get the promised free update. When I finally got the update, the program says my trees are not downloaded or synced. And the sync still does not work, as promised. They also don't reply to my emails. I guess they are too busy working on the 2017 version.

HowMar said...

If you can not fix FTM2017, at least give us back synching in FTM2014.1 so we can continue our research.
If it was not broke do not fix it.

Randy Seaver said...

You should complain to Family Tree Maker (, not to me - I'm just the messenger.

FTM had to revise their program because changed their API that enables the synching. FTM 2014 and before would not work now with

There have been problems with the synching API for both FTM and RootsMagic, probably due to the changes. These things take time. They will let all of us know when we can download or obtain FTM 2017 and resume synching with

You can keep track of the status of FTM 2017 at

I will post updates whenever they occur.

Unknown said...

I would like to claim a refund but can find nowhere on the site to contact them. Have been without my Family Tree since January this year. Think they're all hoping we'll get fed up with waiting & go somewhere else.