Friday, June 16, 2017

More Historical Newspaper Articles on Richard T. Seaver

I posted Seavers in the News- Richard T. Seaver Kills His Mother yesterday, and reader Debbe did some more research on the case.

Debbe found several more news articles that added information to what happened to Richard, and even found an article about his father.

1)  Here is an article from the Springfield [Mass.]\ Union newspaper dated 28 December 1973:

2)  Another article with much the same information was published in the Fitchburg [Mass.] Sentinel newspaper dated 28 December 1973:

3)  A third article from the Buffalo Courier-Express newspaper dated 7 January 1960 has comments from his grand-uncle, Roger Brown, and names the girlfriend:

Roger Brown would be the mother's uncle - Eleanor's maiden name may have been Brown.

4)  Debbe did a Google search for information about Richard T. Seaver and found a 2013 Massachusetts Parole board decision that brings the story almost up to date - see  There is another Appeals Court decision from 14 April 2017 - see

5)  Debbe also found The News Journal [Wilmington, Del.] newspaper article dated 1 December 1962 that named Richard's father as John Seaver:

6)  In the 1940 U.S. Census, I found John G. and Eleanor F. Seaver residing in Woburn, Massachusetts.  This John G. Seaver is certainly John Gilman Seaver (1917-1962), son of John Gilman and Edith May (Hopkinson) Seaver of Woburn, Mass.

There are several lessons to be learned here:

*  Check all online newspaper opportunities for articles

*  Do a Google (or other search engine) search for the person of interest

*  Recent (after 1970?) court actions may be online as public records

*  Genea-Musings readers are very helpful and excellent researchers!!

I was just trying to find an interesting news story about a Seaver, but Debbe went down the rabbit trail big time and dragged me along with her last night.  So now I know more information about this person than I ever expected.  Thank you, Debbe!!


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