Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tombstone Tuesday - Cornelius Feather (1777-1853) Gravestone

Out of the blue, I received an email from David saying:

"In my barn I have the Headstone for Cornelius Feather !!! My Father says it was the outside step to an old building when he was a child, Dad is 80 this year! I googled the name this morning and Your blog popped up and there he was Cornelius Feather !!! Another site shows his son John is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Sandy Lake, approximately 5 miles from my house.

"Give me your feedback, I am kind of excited to finally put some history to a stone slab I have been storing for 60 years !!"

Needless to say, I was excited to receive David's email, so I responded and asked if he could provide a photograph of the stone.  He sent the photograph to me last night.  Here is the photo of the stone in David's barn:

The inscription reads:



Apr. 1, 1853
Agd 76 yrs
1 mo. 7 d.

If the age at death is correct, then his birth date is 25 February 1777.

My problem now is how to source this "artifact" - when in doubt, use the "Artifact" source template:

Cornelius Feather gravestone, in owner's barn, created after 1 April 1853, privately held by [name and address for private use], Clarks Mills, Penn., 2017. Gravestone was outside step on home of his father, now in the owner's barn.

In a subsequent email, David noted that there was also a gravestone for a Levina, but that they don't know where it is.

I wonder if Levina is the name of Cornelius Feather's first wife?  No researcher knows anything about Cornelius Feather's first wife.  I wrote about what I know about this first wife in The Elusive --?-- (who married Cornelius Feather).

Once again, geneablogging and cousin bait works.  My thanks to David for being curious about the gravestone in his barn and being able to find my blog post about Cornelius Feather.  

Now I need to add David's barn in Mercer County, Pennsylvania to my bucket list!


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Amberly said...

I love this, cousin bait in it's finest form!!