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Family Tree Maker 2017 News - Last Chance for Upgrade Pricing

I received this information from Family Tree Maker yesterday:



All good things come to an end sometime — in this case, October 1st. That's the last day to upgrade to FTM 2017 for a 50% discount if you haven't already. I know it's hard to believe that discounted upgrades have been available now for the past six months, but there it is. So if you or someone you care about has been hesitating, now is the time to make your move — upgrade from ANY previous edition for just $39.95 (vs. $79.95 regular price). Click here to upgrade now.

Why upgrade? Have a look at the bottom of this email for a sampling of new features.


We're delighted to announce that a full German language edition of FTM 2017 is underway. It's the first for Family Tree Maker in more than eight years — Ancestry last published a German edition in 2009. So how did it happen? Well, a few months ago a German FTM fan started a petition and sent it to us — with more than 800 signatures on it. So what could we do? We said “danke schoen” and got started. The German edition will be free for anyone who already owns FTM 2017. Click here to be notified when it's ready.


It's been two months since the official release of FTM 2017 and we're finishing up a free update (version 23.1) for release in the next three weeks or so. There's further improvements in syncing, performance and security, some frequently requested enhancements to our new 2017 features — and a few happy surprises. If you aren't already a beta tester and would like to get a sneak preview of things to come, click here to apply. And for the rest of you, well we'll let you know when it's ready.


We hope you'll like our elegantly simple color coding which makes powerful discoveries possible by allowing up to eight colors on a single person in your tree. You can start by coloring all four lines of your Ancestors with a single click, choosing one of the four-color groups. The first four-color group is the classic one made famous by Mary Hill.

And then perhaps add a color for a particular attribute – such as all those who served in the military – by creating a list in the Index and applying a color to it. Oh yeah, and then SAVING that list. Testers reported being stunned to discover relationships they couldn't have guessed in their huge trees. Or finding ancestors with similar names were not from the same family after all.

What will you discover?


Go find your most faded old photos. The first tool in the FTM 2017 Photo Darkroom series is the Faded Photo Repair Tool. It does just one thing, as its name implies, but does it extraordinarily well. It takes faded old black-and-white photos and makes them look like the day they were first printed. All with just a few clicks of three repair tools of differing intensity.

If you're the kind that likes to tinker around a bit, drop down the Advanced Settings to sharpen up your photos with a few final adjustments using the sliders. The photo below went from “Before” to “After” with four clicks of the Intensive Repair tool, one click of the Light Repair one and a drag of the sharpness slider. And yes, it really is as easy as that.


One of the things that may take some getting used to in using FamilySync instead of TreeSync® is that you no longer need to break links. Almost ever. That's because each Ancestry tree can now link to multiple FTM trees, so it's just no longer necessary to break an old link to download a tree to a second computer. Or a third.

So if you've got a laptop and a desktop, and you'd like to take Family Tree Maker on the road with you, no problem. You can put your tree on both computers, and sync them both to the same Ancestry tree. Yes, at the same time. So after your trip, you'll be just one sync away from the happiest (and easiest) family history homecoming you've ever had.


We thought – wouldn't it be great to have a kind of sync weatherman to tell you when is was a good time to sync and when it might be better to just stay away for a while? That was the simple idea behind the Sync Weather Report we've built into FTM 2017. Now each time you go to sync, if there's a reason you should maybe think twice, a window pops up to say so.

There are three status colors. Green is a happy state with no known issues and clear syncing ahead. Orange means caution is in order and a message tells you why. And red appears only when the system is down. All to keep you confidently syncing along, knowing you've got a built in weatherman to tell you what the weather is like where you sync.



1. To sync with an Ancestry tree. (No other FTM editions do).
2. To sync two or more FTM trees with one Ancestry tree with FamilySync™.
3. To discover the crossed lines of your ancestors with our new color coding.
4. To fix faded old photos with our new Photo Darkroom™ tools.
5. To add a huge new free data source with FamilySearch integration.
6. To keep using Ancestry search and merge. (Older editions no longer do).


To learn more about FTM 2017, head over to and you'll find hundreds of helpful articles. Just enter “2017” in the search field to find out more about the new edition. Or enter “Live Chat” to talk to a helpful, friendly support agent, 24 hours a day. Seven days a week. That's what we're there for.


Disclosure:  I have purchased every version of  Family Tree Maker over the past 20 or more years.  I have received complimentary meals from Software MacKiev at conferences.

Copyright (c) 2017, Randall J. Seaver

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So when is version 23.1 finally going to be shipped, on September 23, they stated 3 weeks, it is now November 9, and nothing