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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- What Were You Doing in 1990?

Hey genea-folks, 
it's Saturday Night again, 

 time for more Genealogy Fun!

Here is your assignment if you choose to play along (cue the Mission Impossible music, please!):

1) Do you recall what you were doing in 1990?  Family, school, work, hobbies, technology, genealogy, vacations, etc?

2)  Tell us in a blog post of your own, in a comment on this blog, or in a Facebook or Google+ post.

Here's mine (from our Christmas 1990 family yearly newsletter):

"We spent Christmas 1989 in San Francisco with Linda's father and brother.  Over Easter week, we spent three days in wild Palm Springs lounging around the pool.  We went up the tramway to the snows of Mount San Jacinto.  In early July, we went to family camp at Forest Home in the San Bernardino Mountains for rest, relaxation and spiritual renewal.  In mid-august, we spent a week on Maui sunning, resting sightseeing and snorkeling.  In mid-September, Randy and his brother Scott went to Uncle Ed and Janet Seaver's 50th wedding anniversary celebration in Leominster, Massachusetts and had a week of sightseeing, fun and family visits.

"Bobby Sox softball was a major family activity.  Tami played on a league team, the all-star team and a fall travel team.  Lori played on a Prep League team.  Randy coached for all of the teams, and Linda kept score and cheered them on.

"Tami is now age 14, 5'8" tall, and a 9th grade student at Hilltop Junior High in the Foreign Language and Global Studies program.  She is the top student in her third year Russian class and is also taking English, geometry, social science, P.E. and works as an aide to the assistant principal.  Tami dances with the Chinese and French dance troupes at school.  She broke a finger at school and her right hand in the all-star softball tournament, and had a tonsillectomy in August.  Tami also teaches Sunday school, is active in the church youth group, and went to Forest Home Junior High camp.  On Mondays, she does volunteer work as a "Candy-Striper" at Scripps Hospital.  She received the Girl Scout "Silver Award" this year and is active in her senior scout troop.

"Lori is age 16, 5'9" tall, and a junior at Chula Vista High School in the Beyond the Basics academic program.  She has AP U.S. History, Honors English, Honors Math, Chemistry, Psychology and Drama this year.  She is a JV cheerleader and attended Cheer camp, several competitions, and many sports events.  She also is an Amity League officer and played JV softball as a pitcher.  She got her driver's license in May, and worked for a few weeks in the summer as a carhop in a Sonic drive-in.  She is a church group leader, went to Oakland on a youth group work project, to Catalina high school camp, and Forest Home Senior High camp.  With the driver's license came more freedom and responsibility - she loves going to the beach, staying out late on the weekends, and being with her friends.

"Linda's schedule was hectic.  She teaches 4th grade at Montgomery Elementary School, and is challenged by the students and school environment.  She is making a difference in the lives of some of the kids.  Her time is also taken by Marriage Encounter weekend scheduling, ticket-master for the church Living Christmas Tree program, teaching Sunday School, and attending her Forest Home Women's Auxiliary meetings.  She spent two weeks on jury duty.  Linda received the PTA Honorary Life service award this year.  She had a great weekend with friends at Forest Home women's retreat in September.   She loves to correspond with and talk to friends on the phone.  

"Linda's father fell, injured his head, and had to have brain surgery, and Linda went to San Francisco twice to be with him. He's still recovering and hopes to be back to normal in a few months.  

"Randy continues working as Chief of Aerodynamics at Rohr Industries, and did al ittle traveling to Hartford in the spring and Derby, England in the fall.  His leisure time has been spent researching the family history, and the trip to New England was very fruitful - he found some long lost cousins, discovered a Seaver home built in 1773, and spent time with the extended Seaver family.  During the year, he identified at least 6 Mayflower ancestors and is working on over 120 family names.  

"As you can see, our life has been hectic and fun.  We love the high school football games, the house full of kids, and helping the girls with their homework.  We also cherish the occasional quiet dinner out together, the chance to read a good book, and time with each other."


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Lois Willis said...

Here's mine

Janice M. Sellers said...

I definitely had some interesting things happen in 1990.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

I love that you added the ages and heights in the letter, and hobbies. I tend to make mine more events oriented than people oriented. Will change for the future.

Hilary Gadsby said...

This is one that I can answer very easily.
In September 1990 my husband and I took a Cook's Tour and did a Trans Canadian Trip.
We flew out to Vancouver then went by train to Toronto stopping of in Jasper on the way. From Toronto we went to Ottawa and then finally to Montreal before we flew back to London.
A week or so before we went I found out I was pregnant and the only time I had morning sickness was whilst we were in Canada.
I really need to expand this to a blogpost with photographs but we took so many I need to start scanning the prints, negative and slides now. Another task to add to my long list.
I would hate to lose the pictures however as I doubt we will ever repeat the trip.

Devon Noel Lee said...

I was a freshman in highschool wishing I was in the flag twirling line but marching with the flute dots instead.