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Amanuensis Monday - Probate Records for Estate of John Garnsey (1648-1722) of Rehoboth, Mass. - Part 4

This week's documents for Amanuensis Monday are from the Bristol County, Massachusetts Probate Court records for John Garnsey (1648-1722) of Rehoboth, Massachusetts (presented in date order):

a)  Probate Packet 10414 (image 10 of 22):

The transcription of this record is:


The personal Estate of John Garnsy is                 £85 : 13s: 11 d
Contra P^d by Sundre Payments expenses
on sd estate as by ye Accomptants
accounts allowed & Passd                                          07 : 05 : 08 
To y^e Ballance Remaining due                           £78 : 08 : 08

The Ballance due and Remaining in the hands of ye Administrators
of the Personall estate of John Garnsey late of Rehoboth deceased
is Seventy Eight pounds Eight shillings & Eight pence
which is to devided as followeth viz: To Sarah Garnsey
y^e Widdow of y^e deceased one third being Twenty Six pounds
seven shillings eleven pence. The Remaining Summ being
Fifty two pounds five shillings ten pence is to be devided
Into Twelve shares To and amongst the children of y^e deceased
viz. To Hennery y^e eldest son two shares, To Ebenezer Joseph
John Seth Beriah Mehitabel y^e wife of John Horton Hannah
the Wife of Thomas Horton Elizabeth the wife of James
Bowen Mary y^e wife of Samuel Hicks Waitstill the wife of
Timothy Titus their Ratable part of y^e said fifty two
pounds four shillings ten pence to each of them & to their
Respective Gaurdians
                             Bristol Ss may 10^th 1722
                             which Settlement is allowed and ordered
                             to be of Record Nath^ll Paine Probate
                            Entered ??? me
                            Stephen Paine Regist^r
                            In the fourth Book of
                           Wills follio 83

The source citation for the entire probate packet is:

Bristol County [Mass.] Register of Probate, Bristol County (Mass.) Probate Records, 1690-1881, Estate File 10414 (22 images), John Garnsey of Rehoboth, 1722; digital images, American Ancestors ( : accessed 29 January 2017); citing original records at Probate Registry, Taunton, Mass.

John Garnsey (1648-1722) resided in Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts when he died on 31 March 1722.  He married three times - with his first wife Elizabeth (1652-1714), he had 13 children; with his second wife, Judith Ormsbee (1673-1715), he had one child; with his third wife, Sarah (Miller) Titus (1655-1742), he had no children.

John Garnsey died intestate - leaving no will to probate, so the Probate Court went through the administration process of appointing an administrator, the administrators took an inventory, submitted an account, and distributed the estate to the heirs at law.  There are 22 images in the probate packet for John Garnsey of Rehoboth on the American Ancestors website.  

In the first post in this series (Part 1), the widow and eldest son petitioned the court to relieve them of administratrix/or responsibility, and the Court appointed Seth Garnsey and James Bowen as administrators.

In the second post (Part 2), the three appraisers produced an Inventory of the estate totaling £110 in real estate and £85-13-11 in personal estate.

In the third post (Part 3), the administrators have made their account and had it approved by the probate court.

In this post, the court accepted the account and directed that the balance of the estate be divided one third to the widow and two thirds to the children, with a double share going to the eldest son.  The names of 11 children are mentioned in this order to distribute the personal estate.

There will be several more posts for this intestate estate in Bristol County, Massachusetts.

Note that there is a math error in the one third share for the widow - one third of 78 pounds, 8 shillings and 8 pence is 26 pounds and 34 pence, or £26: 2s: 10d (with a shilling being 12 pence).  The remainder should be 52 pounds and 70 pence, or £52: 5s: 10d.  The amount of each share should be £4: 7s : 2d.

John and Elizabeth (--?--) Garnsey are my 8th great-grandparents, through their eldest child, Mehitable Garnsey (1673-1742) who married John Horton (1672-1752) in about 1689, and resided in Rehoboth, Massachusetts.


NOTE:  Genea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the excellent  TransylvanianDutch blog) started a Monday blog theme years ago called "Amanuensis Monday."  John offers this definition for "amanuensis:" 

"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."

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