Sunday, July 29, 2018

FamilySearch Infographic of my Family Tree

FamilySearch sent me a link today to a "personalized infographic" made especially for me, with fun facts about my ancestors.  This was developed from the FamilySearch Family Tree, where I have matched over 2,000 of my known ancestors to the Tree.

I was not surprised by the countries of origin, since about 75% of my ancestors were born in colonial North America or the United States.  I was surprised to see Canada and Switzerland on the list.

The 22% that emigrated to another country likely reflects all of my 10th to 12th generation ancestors who migrated to North America.

The "Least Common Names" is kind of useless - I wish it was "Most Common Names."  Obviously, there are thousands of first names that I don't have any of, and some that I have only one of (like "Shubael" and "Thankslord."  Why aren't they on the list?  I have lots of "Robert" first names, but only one "Jerusha."

Who knew that the most common birth month would be January?  My guess is that the numbers for the 12 months are fairly well spread out.

Obviously, in order to obtain your own infographic, you need to be in the FamilySearch Family Tree and connected as many of your ancestors as possible to yourself.

Oh well - it's free, and could be useful.


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Marian B. Wood said...

More interesting than really useful, but it does provoke some thought and who knows, maybe insights.