Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Treasure Chest Tuesday - 1942 Voter Register for My Carringers in San Diego, California

Today's Tuesday's Treasure is the 1942 Voter Registration entries for my Carringer folks in San Diego, California:

The Carringer entries on the left-hand page:

The extracted data is (from the left-hand page on the image above):

Carringer, Miss Betty V. - 2130 Fern, Student.  Dem.
Carringer, Mrs. Emily K. -- 2130 Fern, Hw.   Rep.
Carringer, Lyle L. -- 2130 Fern, Office Wrk.   Rep.

Higher up on the left-hand page is:

Auble, Mrs. Georgia K. -- 2130 Fern, Hw,   Rep.

The source citation for this record is:

"California Voter Registers, 1900-1968," digital images, Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com :, 1942, San Diego County, Precinct No. 285, page 3, Lyle L. Carringer entry.

Lyle L. and Emily K. (Auble) Carringer resided at 2130 Fern Street in San Diego in 1934.  They are my maternal grandparents.  Lyle was a bookkeeper at Marston's in the payroll or auditing department.  They are listed (every year I've found) as Republicans.

Betty V. Carringer is the daughter of Lyle and Emily, a graduate of San Diego State College, and in 1942 was age 22 and a school teacher.  She is also my mother, and, apparently, the only Democrat in the family.

Georgia K. Auble is Emily's mother, my great-grandmother.  She was a widow and lived with Lyle and Emily and my mother, Betty.  Georgia has also been listed every year as a Republican.

While Lyle's parents, Henry Austin and Della (Smith) Carrigner, were still alive in 1942 and residing at 2115 30th Street, they were not on the 1942 Voter Register rolls at ages 89 and 80.  

I had not entered these records into my RootsMagic family tree program until now - four separate entries for the four persons.


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