Wednesday, April 3, 2019

United States, United Kingdom and Canada Census Master Forms

Genea-Musings reader Richard did not ask me a question, but he suggested writing about this topic.

Helpfully, he provided this information via email:
I like to have copies of original forms, such as censuses, etc., available to help me decode online records. Many of the federal, UK, and Canadian master forms are freely available as follows: 
*  Ancestry: US, UK, and Canadian Census Masters: 
*  NARA: US Census, Immigration, and Draft Card Masters:
*  There are also state census record masters and some, but not all, were once freely available. That website is no longer available, but the contents can be found via the Internet Archive (the "Wayback Machine") at:

Where the remaining state census masters, such as those for Florida where I live now, may be found has confounded me for years. If you write about the availability of those mentioned above, maybe your readers will be able to provide links to some of the remaining ones.
This is an excellent example of my mantra that "I don't know everything about genealogy, but someone in the genealogy community does, and when they share, it is awesome."  I didn't know about the links to these forms, but Richard did and cared enough to share them with us.

Thank you to Richard for his helpful information with links!


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