Monday, May 6, 2019

Monday Genea-Pourri - 6 May 2019

Here are the highlights of my family history and genealogy related activities over the past week:

1)  Attended the Chula Vista Genealogical Society (CVGS) Board meeting on Wednesday, reporting on the newsletter, research group and DNA interest group.  

2)  Presented "Discovering George W. Seaver's Life Story" at the CVGS Saturday Workshop meeting on Saturday afternoon at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library.   I had some problems getting the laptop to connect to the ceiling projector due to the VGA cable connection to the wall, and getting the OpenOffice presentation to show full-screen for some reason.  Used the PDF version instead. 

3)  Wrote, edited, published and emailed/mailed the CVGS Newsletter for May 2019 to the membership.  

5)  Wrote and posted a biography of 6th great-grandmother #453 Maria (--?--) Trimmer of Germany and New Jersey for my 52 Ancestors post on Friday.  

6)  Watched one Family Tree Webinar - How to Use Autosomal DNA to Resolve Historical Paternity Cases, by Ugo Perego.  This is a fascinating study about possible Joseph Smith descendants.

7)  Participated in today's Mondays With Myrt on Zoom (which will go on YouTube later).  Today's webinar discussed Holly Hansen's Family History Expo virtual conference in August, Liv Christensen on Norway repositories, Russ at the Ohio Genealogical Society conference, how to save your genealogical research, Jen of Eve memory books, Holly's books, Roberta Estes' blog post, my Forever summary, the Helen Leary North Carolina book, and Pat's upcoming Google Drive webinar.

8) There were several sessions working in the RootsMagic software program to update FamilySearch Family Tree profiles for Seaver families and other ancestral families, with occasional additions to the RootsMagic profiles. I have matched 30,806 of my RootsMagic persons with FSFT.

9)  I continue to use Web Hints and Record Matches from Ancestry, MyHeritage, Findmypast and FamilySearch to add content and sources to my RootsMagic profiles.  I now have 53,530 persons in my RootsMagic file, and 104,292 source citations.   I TreeShared once this week updating 144 profiles, and I resolved about 793 Ancestry Hints.  I've fallen behind on the Ancestry Record Hints with 109,973 to be resolved, but I work on them weekly.

10) Wrote 20 Genea-Musings blog posts last week, of which one was a press release.  The most popular post last week was 
My FOREVER Home Movie Digitization Experience - Wonderful! with over 244 views.


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