Wednesday, January 8, 2020

GenealogyBank Combines Their Extensive Obituary Resources

I received this information yesterday from GenealogyBank:


We want to let you know about several new exciting enhancements to GenealogyBank.
New Obituaries collection. This week we launched a new, combined collection of obituaries. Millions of historical newspaper pages have been reprocessed to identify and isolate the obituaries, and then to tag the names, dates, and locations within them. This makes it easier than ever to locate your ancestor’s obit among the millions of obituaries from newspapers past to present, all in one place. Search for obits now.
“Discover More” links. When you visit certain obituary and census pages, you’ll see a new link on the right side of the page. Clicking on this Discover More link will take you to a hints results page. Look for new discoveries in these suggested articles that relate to the obituary or census page that you came from. Be sure to provide us with feedback on these results pages so we can better improve the future accuracy of these results.
Customize Your Settings. There are a couple ways you can customize your experience on the site. The “My Settings” and “My Profile” sections give you an opportunity to do things like: sign up to receive beta test invites for upcoming features, tell us more about your research interests, select your preferred format for downloads, add a profile image, and more. Start customizing here.
As always, we want to know what you think. Leave us a note via the Feedback tab, email us at, or reach us by phone at (866) 641-3297, Mon-Fri 10am-7pm EST.
The GenealogyBank Team

I clicked on the "Search for obits now" link above, and saw:

As you can see, I put "seaver" in the last name field.  The result was:

There are 2,917 obituaries in the new collection for the last name of "Seaver."  I've used a lot of them already but need to double check them one at a time.

Before this combination of collections, obituaries could be found in the "Newspaper Archives" collection, with full page images, for publications before the present, and there was a separate collection called "Recent Obituaries" for 1977-present, but these were not newspaper page images - they were transcribed obituaries from newspaper pages.

In the combined collection, many obituaries are still from the full page images in the "Nesspaper Archives" collection and many of the obituaries after 1977 are the transcribed obituaries from the "Recent Obituary" collection.  There are many duplicate obituaries in this new collection because they were often published on more than one day.

I use GenealogyBank almost daily to look for obituaries and newspaper articles, and this combination has made it easier for me.  I can now search for only obituaries which have a specific name in a year range (e.g., 1910 to 1920) and not see newspaper articles that are not obituaries.  With a Seaver search, I get a lot of articles about my cousin, Tom Seaver, and his baseball career.


Disclosure:  I have a paid subscription to GenealogyBank.  I appreciate their newspaper coverage, which is significantly different from other newspaper subscription collections.

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