Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The Best Ways To Record Your Family History on MyHeritage

 My friend, Daniel Horowitz of MyHeritage, recently provided this information:


The most precious part of researching our family histories is the stories. Our ancestors were so much more than a name, a date, or a face in a photo. We treasure every detail we can find about their lives.

These resources from the MyHeritage Knowledge Base will help you learn the best ways to record your family history and preserve it for generations to come.

A DIY Guide to Creating Your Own Family History Video: This article from Dr. Clinton Moore, a professional family history and life story video producer, explains how to produce your own family history video — from transforming your research into a compelling story to preparing your interviewees and editing the final result.

Ask The Expert: Source Citations on the MyHeritage Website: Recording your sources well is the key to building an accurate family tree that will serve your family for generations. In this webinar with MyHeritage Genealogy Expert Daniel Horowitz, you’ll learn how to include accurate and detailed source citations for every fact you add to your MyHeritage family tree.

How to Add Photos and Media on MyHeritage Family Tree Builder: Adding photos and other media greatly enriches your family tree. This how-to video shows you how to do so on MyHeritage’s free offline software, Family Tree Builder.

By the way, did you know that you can now buy a MyHeritage plan as a gift for a family member or loved one? It makes a perfect holiday gift they are sure to treasure. Click here to learn how to gift a MyHeritage plan.

The holidays are a perfect time to catch up on your genealogy research, so we hope you find these resources valuable and wish you a wonderful holiday season!

Happy holidays,

Daniel Horowitz
Genealogy Expert


Disclosure:  I receive a complimentary subscription to MyHeritage, and gave received other material consideration in past years.  I uploaded my autosomal DNA raw data to their DNA product.  This does not affect my objective analysis of MyHeritage products.

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