Friday, January 15, 2021

Findmypast Friday: Brand new Irish family records now online

   I received this from Findmypast today:


Findmypast Friday
Brand new Irish family records now online

Discover your ancestors' final resting places with this week's latest Findmypast Friday records.

Explore over 70,000 Londonderry (Derry) burial transcripts to discover the details of those laid to rest in City Cemetery. Each record reveals combination of the deceased’s date of death, date of burial, grave location, age, address, place of birth and parents’ names.

Opened in 1853, Derry City Cemetery (colloquially known as the City Cemetery) was the main burial place for locals of both denominations in the local area until the mid-20th Century. It’s the final resting place of over 70,000 people, with details of all classes and includes those who fought in notable conflicts such as World War One and World War Two.

Writer of All Things Bright and Beautiful, Cecil Frances Alexander is among those buried in Londonderry (Derry) City Cemetery.


Alexander’s record includes her birthplace, residence and parents’ names.

This new collection spans 200 years of burials and covers the following Dublin cemeteries;
  • St John The Baptist, Castle Avenue, Clontarf, Dublin
  • Drimnagh (Bluebell), Old Naas Road, Dublin
  • St Canice’s, Finglas, Dublin
Along with key names and dates, these transcripts of original burial registers include addresses, occupations and marital statuses.

Over 29,000 new burial records from three parishes have been added to the collection – perfect for exploring the Dorset branches of your family tree.

These latest additions cover the parishes of;
  • Melcombe Regis, 1570-1933
  • Weymouth, 1885-2001
  • Wyke Regis, 1887-1992
Check the parish list for full details on what's included in Findmypast’s wider Dorset parish collection.

This latest update sees three new titles and updates to 16 others made available to search on Findmypast. Hot off the press this week are:
While additional pages and years have been added to;
  • Indian Statesman from 1872-1873
  • Witness (Edinburgh) from 1857
  • Newry Telegraph from 1872-1881
  • Bangalore Spectator from 1886, 1888, 1891-1892 and 1894
  • Chelsea News and General Advertiser from 1973
  • Herald of Wales from 1887-1889
  • Voice of India from 1886, 1888 and 1910
  • Lancaster Standard and County Advertiser from 1900 and 1903
  • Nairnshire Telegraph and General Advertiser for the Northern Counties from 1902, 1917, 1928, 1930 and 1935
  • Indian Daily News from 1900-1901 and 1903-1906
  • Madras Weekly Mail from 1877-1881, 1883-1884, 1886-1887, 1889-1890, 1893, 1896-1897, 1899-1900 and 1907
  • North Wales Weekly News from 1889-1895, 1899-1901, 1903-1905, 1912-1922, 1924-1927, 1941-1942, 1953 and 1955
  • Liverpool Daily Post from 1901
  • American Register from 1884-1886, 1889, 1894, 1896, 1900, 1903, 1908 and 1912
  • Nantwich Chronicle from 1975
  • Marylebone Mercury from 1979

Disclosure: I have a complimentary subscription to Findmypast, and have accepted meals and services from Findmypast, as a Findmypast Ambassador. This has not affected my objectivity relative to Findmypast and its products.

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