Sunday, February 14, 2021

Time For an Updated Ahnentafel Report

 I decided that I needed an updated Ahnentafel Report (or Ancestor List).  I made the last one about five years ago.  Time sure flies when you're having genealogy fun - and I have been for 33 years now!

RootsMagic 7 genealogy software performs this task easily. With the active person as myself, I clicked on the "Reports" menu, then I clicked on "Lists" and clicked on "Ahnentafel."  That opened the "Report Settings" screen and I selected "15 generations of Ancestors with me as the key person.  I also checked the "Print color coding" box:

Clicking on "Generate Report" set the program off for about 6 seconds and a 181 page report (with an index) was created.

I did the same thing for Linda's ancestor list:

Her report is only 18 pages because her German ancestors are pretty much unknown.

Now the challenge for me is to count how many ancestors are in each generation.  I still do this by hand because none of my software programs will do it for me (hint hint).  It takes awhile!

I save my Ahnentafel Reports on my computer as a PDF file so that I can easily check when I'm quoting a number in a blog post (e.g., a 52 Ancestors post).  I also use it to double check that the "right ancestors" are on FamilySearch Family Tree, Geni World Tree, and WikiTree.

I need to make one for my daughters and my brother-in-law and my brother-in-law too and send them to them - I'm not sure they even look at them but I'm doing my genea-duty to keep my family informed.  Maybe it will inspire one or two of the grandchildren to take over in a few years.


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