Saturday, November 13, 2021

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- 100-Word Challenge: Grandparents

It's Saturday Night - 

Time for more Genealogy Fun! 

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible! music) is to: 

This SNGF is based on the 100 Word Challenge ( that school children around the world have participating in over many years.  They are given a word or phrase to write a story about in exactly one hundred words.  

1)  Write a story using the phrase "Grandparents are important because" in 100 words.  [Hint:  If you write it in a word processor, you can use Tools > Word Count (or similar) to count words]

2)  Share the story with all of us by writing your own blog post, writing a comment on this blog post, or put it in a Facebook post.  Please leave a comment on this post so others can find it.

Here's mine:  

Grandparents are important because they are often the most loving and giving people that we know as children. They enjoy talking to their grandchildren, teaching them about older things, telling stories about the child's parent, encouraging them, and have been known to indulge them...slipping them goodies without the parents knowing about it (yeah, right!).

Grandparents are also the genealogy gateway to previous generations through family stories, family papers and records. Asking grandma or grandpa about their childhood, their siblings and their own parents often provides stories and life lessons rich in detail about times and places unknown to the child.

100 words, exactly!  Without having to shave or add words to it.


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Diane Gould Hall said...

Love this theme Randy. Way to go on getting the 100 words exactly!

Linda Stufflebean said...

Here's mine:

Lateboomer said...

Grandparents are important because in the genealogy world this is the first step we take working backwards on the family tree! I was born quite a few years after three of my four grandparents died, but my Mum's mother lived with us from my age ten until she passed three years later. In fact, I had to share a bedroom with Grannie, who was seventy years older than I. I loved her, but she snored, and was quite Victorian in her ways - the living embodiment of "children should be seen and not heard". It's her stories I remember the most.