Thursday, October 20, 2022

Rabbit Holes With Randy - Updating My AncestryDNA Match Table List

 This rabbit hole took some time, but wasn't very deep.

I wrote about Greg Clarke's AncestryDNA Match Table Maker tool in Rabbit Holes With Randy - Updating my DNA Match Lists (26 January 2022) and in Downloading My AncestryDNA Match List With Google Sheets (17 March 2021).

I downloaded the Ancestry DNA Match Table Maker again from the website and the Google Sheets form will be emailed to you.  I noted that it is Version 1.10 now.  I followed the directions on the form and made a copy, and renamed it, so that I could use and edit the form. Then I went into my AncestryDNA Common Ancestor match list and copied the whole list (using Ctrl-A) and followed the directions on the form using the "Newest w Recognize btn" sheet and copied the AncestryDNA data into Cell A6 (using "Shift-Ctrl-V).

The results  at the top of the sheet is below:

Note that the results start on Row 3 of the spreadsheet.  I scrolled down to the last row with data in it on line 476:

So I now have 474 AncestryDNA matches with a Common Ancestor.  It was 453 back in January 2022 and 417 in March 2021.

I also found that I don't have a Note on four of the matches, so I need to go into AncestryDNA and write a note about the relationship, cM value, and common ancestor from the ThruLines provided.  

This took me awhile to get everything correct, but I was successful!

Where are my carrot flavored ice cream bars?


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Diane Gould Hall said...

Love this. When I return home this will for sure be on my to do list.