Thursday, February 23, 2023

MyHeritage at RootsTech 2023

 I received this information today from Daniel Horowitz at MyHeritage:


The MyHeritage team is heading to RootsTech next week, but you can already get started letting everyone know that we will have a lot of lectures, fun activities, surprises, and much more.

But even before RootsTech, I will be giving two DNA lectures in San Francisco this Friday, 3 lectures in Las Vegas during the weekend, and 1 more in Salt Lake City on Monday.

During RootsTech we will have 14 main lectures in the program — including an address from Founder and CEO of MyHeritage Gilad Japhet on Friday March 03 at 1:30PM in room 155A. 

At the exhibit hall, the MyHeritage booth will be ready to welcome everybody with nice giveaways and 41 classes to learn how to make the most of your genealogy research, given by MyHeritage employees and special guests including Roberta Estes, Janna Helshtein, Judy G. Russell, James Tanner, and Jessica Taylor.


Disclosure: I receive a complimentary subscription to MyHeritage, and gave received other material consideration in past years. I uploaded my autosomal DNA raw data to their DNA product. This does not affect my objective analysis of MyHeritage products.  I am a subscriber to Family Tree Webinars and love it.

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