Thursday, February 2, 2023

Rabbit Holes With Randy - Telling Family Stories in Storyworth

This week's Rabbit Hole is the ongoing task to write life and family stories about myself and my family. My daughter gave me a subscription to Storyworth for Christmas, and I have been writing stories in it ever since.  The goal is to publish a book with my life stories for my children and grandchildren, and maybe even great-grandchildren, to read.  Stories can be written from a list of questions in Storyworth, by request of my daughters, or of my own choosing.

The basic book costs $99 for up to 480 pages with a color cover and black and white inside pages.  Photos can be added to each story.  There are additional costs for color inside pages.  Additional copies of a book can be made for an added cost.  

So far, I have written 16 stories - some that my daughters suggested and some that I've written, mostly based on some of my blog posts.  To date, the 16 stories I've written in 39 days produced 105 pages, so I have about 60 stories to go before I hit the 480 page limit.

1)  Here is my home page for Storyworth:

2)  Here is a list of my daughters' suggested questions (Storyworth puts these at the top of the question list):

3)  Some of the questions generated by StoryWorth are shown below:

The list is pretty long!

4)  Here is a list of my stories to date (two screens):

I can change the order of my stories by dragging and dropping them on the list above.

5)  Here is my first story:

Note that I can "Edit Title," "Edit Story" or "Delete Story" anytime before printing the book.

6)  When I click on "Edit Story" I can type into the editing space and/or add a photo.

The editing tools are pretty primitive - the font type an size or fixed, there is no bolding, italicizing, changing fonts, using colored fonts, etc.

7)  So this is one of my Rabbit Holes for the year.  I may move the Life Stories of my parents and grandparents into another StoryWorth book at some time so that I can add more memories and isolate the biographies into a separate book.  

I love this concept because I can write what and when I want to, and the end result is a printed book that will pass on at least some of my stories and memories.  I already know that my stories are too long!!

I'm trying to do at least two stories a week but sometimes life intervenes.  I had to buy more carrots this week!

How are you passing on your life stories and memories?  Tell me in Comments!


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