Saturday, April 15, 2006

Padres' 10 game report card...

My San Diego Padres have started the season poorly - they have 3 wins and 7 losses in their first 10 games. My report card on the effort to date:

Starting Pitching: D (Peavy has had two strong efforts, Estes had one (but went on the DL) and Young one. Brazelton is hopeless. Williams and Park are wait and see).

Relief Pitching: C (Embree, Linebrink, Hoffman, and Hensley have done OK, Sweeney and Cassidy too, except for one bad outing each.)

Outfielders: C (Left field has been poor, but will improve when Cameron comes off the DL. Roberts and Giles have done well).

Infielders: C (Gonzalez at first has been great, Barfield, Greene and Castilla have been just OK).

Catchers: B (Piazza's endurance has surprised, Mirabelli shows some pop, and Bowen is a good late inning technical catcher).

Hitting: C (Roberts bunts, Sledge pops out, Giles walks, Piazza homered once, Gonzalez leads the team in hitting, Greene has pop, Castilla is OK, Barfield shows flashes).

Coaching: D (Bochy still leaves guys in one batter too long, guys aren't tagging at 2nd on a dep ball to CF or RF with one out, Piazza has been thrown out several times, why isn't Ben Johnson getting a chance?)

We have a 20 game package of season tickets in the upper deck, Section 310. No foul balls there yet. We went to opening day 4/3 (a win) and then on 4/8 (a loss), so we are 1-1.

Hope springs eternal, but a winning streak would really help right now. We need to be at 0.500 by the end of April.

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