Saturday, April 15, 2006

Who? Me? Blog? OK...

Who's Randy Seaver, and what does he think about? I muse a lot, running things around my steel trap mind (but I never seem to be able to catch fleeting thoughts, I wonder why?). My interests at this stage of life include:

1) Genealogy - I have done a lot of ancestor collecting a a fair amount of research, and have gathered many dead relatives in my computer databases. The product of the effort to date is on my genealogy web site:

2) San Diego Sports -- Baseball Padres, Football Chargers, and Football Aztecs are my major interests, and I hope to blog a bit on each of them on a regular basis.

3) Aerospace Engineering -- I am a retired aerodynamics engineer, and worked at Rohr (which became part of Goodrich in 1999) for 35 years on commercial aircraft hardware programs (all Boeing models, all Douglas models, most Airbus models, some business jets, etc). I may blog a bit on the aircraft industry from time to time.

4) Science -- I am very interested in radio wave propagation (a former research interest before genealogy) and global warming/cooling (I still think it's mainly driven by the Sun).

5) Politics and Foreign Affairs -- broad topic...I have many thoughts, not all of them politically correct, but mine!

6) Books -- I read historical fiction (like Michener or Rutherford), political and military fiction (like Clancy or Grisham), biographies and current affairs. I may do some book reviews here.

7) Family - last on my list, but first in my heart...I am married to Linda, we have two grown daughters Lori and Tami, and three grandchildren, Lucas, Logan and Lauren. Perhaps I will put up some pictures soon.

I am a native San Diegan (5th generation resident), and we live in Chula Vista, a suburb of San Diego. We attend the local Presbyterian church (PCUSA) and eat out every so often. We love vacations and trips to see the kids and grandkids.

So - that's my so-called life in a short post - not too exciting, but full of activity.


Anonymous said...

Randy this is so great. I never heard of blogging before but it looks interesting., and im looking forward to it. Maybe give me some ideas.
Thousght the meeting today was great. Phyllis

Diane Gould Hall said...

I decided to read your first blog post Randy. Not too much different than my first one. Kinda dipping in and taking it for a spin, so to speak. I bet you never thought you’d write so much and become infamous in the genealogy world huh?
Great job staying with it all these years! You keep writing and I’ll keep reading.