Thursday, May 18, 2006

Egad - blue to orange in one swell foop...

As you can see, I changed my colors around on the blog. Ken Aitken at his blog informed his audience that Blue was so calming and relaxing, that perhaps it wasn't the best color for a blog that wants to be exciting and vibrant. So I chose the most vibrant option that Blogger least you won't go to sleep reading this due to the psychology of colors - maybe content, but not colors.

Oh, I like the fact that the typeface is bolder and bigger and the content width is larger - it uses more of the width of the screen.

So, we'll try this for awhile and see if the hits keep on coming.

I did get a lot of Anonymous comments tonight, which gets the stats up but fills up my email box...I may have to go to monitored comments to keep the spammers out. Hopefully, it was a one-time hit-and-run event.

Cheers -- Randy

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