Saturday, May 20, 2006

Need genealogy books? Check here

I get many emails from publishing companies offering genealogy books for sale, and I imagine you do too. But it's hard to find a fairly complete list all in one place.

George G. Morgan, a famous and prolific Ancestry columnist ("Along These Lines"), speaker, podcaster (check here) and blogger (check here), has put a genealogy Bibliography on his web site here (Warning: the page takes a long time to load due to all of the thumbnails). Note that all the links take you to Amazon if you want to buy a book.

The value of this web page is that most of the "good" books are in one place. You could print this off and check off what books you have and what books you would like to buy or read at a library.

What genealogy books do you have on your shelf? Which one has helped you the most?

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