Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Family Tree Magazine's 101 Top Genealogy Sites

Family Tree Magazine has consistently provided a wealth of information on specific research techniques and useful web sites, in addition to summarizing the genealogy records for two states in each issue.

In 2004, the magazine published their 101 Top Web Sites for Genealogy.

In 2005, they published their Top 101 Undiscovered Web Sites for Genealogy.

When you click the above links, you'll have to choose from several categories, each of which have a number of links to genealogy sites.

Both lists are impressive, and cover just about every type of genealogy research methods and locations. If you are just starting, go to the 2004 list first. If you are looking for new sites, check the 2005 list. The August 2006 magazine will probably have another Top 101 list.

Have you visited all of these sites yet?

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