Friday, June 16, 2006

Genealogy ... of Rock and Roll

Now for something different!

Look at this great chart of the Genealogy of Rock and Roll.

You can use the magnifying glass to see the details of the chart - put your mouse arrow on the glass, keep your finger on the mouse button and move it around.

I spent an enjoyable 10 minutes checking out all my favorite artists. It's interesting to see whole genres of music die out and sprout up. And some genres hang on by a thread and then blossom. Kind of reminds me of my ancestral families.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Randy,
I didn't know you were into blogging. Christine, Josh & Sabrina are all bloggers. Good for you!
I have always admired your genealogy hobby. It is great to know your family history (Good & Bad). However, I admire you on your research because I think I would get too bored with all the hours spent looking. I guess the hunt would wear down my enthusiasm. Anyway, more power to you.
By the way, have a wonderful Father's Day!