Saturday, June 17, 2006

Great Mapper - GoldBug Sitefinder

I love maps. I could spend all day looking at them wondering where exactly my ancestors lived.

The GoldBug Online SiteFinder is really great. You can put in a site name, the county, the state, then select the type of site it is (town, school, cemetery, courthouse, church, military base), and select "Plot onto Google Maps" and hit "Search SiteFinder" and it will put you onto a Google street map with a pin in your requested site.

You can zoom in or out using the scale in the top left corner.

If you put your cursor on the map and hold down the left mouse button, you can move around on the map. If you want to move to the left, drag the map to the right, if you want to go up, drag the map down. I went all over eastern Massachusetts tonight looking at towns and streets and lakes and everything else.

You can also click on the "Satellite" button at the top right and see the satellite view, or on the "Hybrid" button and see the street names superimposed on the satellite map.

Cool tool! Thanks to Renee Zamora's blog for the tip (of course, she got it from another site - funny how this works!).

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