Friday, July 21, 2006

E-presentations on genealogy

While reading Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak's blog today, I was intrigued by her post about the online E-symposium on Genetic Genealogy. I missed the live symposium the first time around, but after I read her latest post, I thought it might be worthwhile looking into it, and i'm glad I did.

At the E-Symposium site, you have to register for free, and thereby gain entrance to the web site resources. Since the symposium was on Wednesday, you cannot see or hear it live, but you can either download the presentation (view it online or save it to your computer) or hear (via a Podcast) and see the talks online with the speech and visuals coordinated. If you had attended the live symposium, you could have interacted with the speakers after the talk.

I read several of the presentations (in PDF format of Powerpoint slides) and listened to one presentation in an enjoyable half hour.

I urge you to register at the E-symposium site and experience one of the talks with audio and visuals. The content of this set of talks may be over your head (they were way over mine!), but check out the concept. Does this work for all of you Pajama Genealogists?

I believe that this is one of the futures of genealogy education (Ken Aitken, are you reading?). To have world class researchers talk through their presentation while you watch the slides is a fantastic opportunity for visual and auditory learners. I think that it won't be long until we can buy DVDs of genealogy conferences or symposiums for our personal use and education.

I assume that by registering with this company, that we may get publicity about the upcoming genealogy E-symposiums. I hope so!

Thanks to Megan for her post about this.

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