Sunday, July 16, 2006

A light genealogy weekend

This has been a light weekend for genea-blogging and for doing any useful research.

On Saturday, I had the choice of going to the CGSSD meeting on Digital Cameras or to the FHC to do some Ancestry lookups (since my Rhode Island probate films haven't arrived yet). Instead, I chose to stay home and have some fun with Lauren, my 17 month old granddaughter (pictures at It was a great decision!

A genealogy project I did work on is a presentation for my upcoming speaking engagements at SDGS and CVGS. I'm moving from MSWord to Powerpoint-type presentations. I don't have a laptop, and CVGS doesn't have an LCD projector, but I'm planning for the future.

I downloaded the FREE OpenOffice suite of MSOffice-like programs (from several months ago. They have a word processor, a spreadsheet called Calc, a presentation program called Impress!, and other modules. It seems that the OpenOffice programs don't have all of the bells and whistles, like a wide variety of document templates, found in Microsoft Office.

My work-around for my project was to use the Powerpoint templates at work to create master sheets and then email them to my home eddress and use them in Impress!. I've learned a bit about both Powerpoint and Impress! The presentation creation is about 50% done - I'm still trying to find good examples of documents to scan from my paper files to include in the presentation.

I'll post some genealogy stuff tomorrow - we have a church meeting and a play to attend this afternoon and tonight.

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