Friday, July 7, 2006

A good genealogy day

I really like my Fridays - I usually do genealogy work all day long (or until the baseball game comes on). The local Family History Center was closed this week, so I stayed home and tried to burn down some of my action piles, such as:

1) Added several land records, census records and vital records to my SEAVER surname database.

2) Added several Plymouth Colony families to my DILL database, based on data gleaned from books and journals.

3) Finished transcribing the wills and inventories for some Bristol County MA 17th century ancestors.

4) Updated my list of databases that I have perused for my SEAVER surname search.

5) Found my info on my relationships to George W. Bush, and blogged about it.

After six hours of this, my butt is sore and my typing fingers are smoking, but I'm happy that I made some progress today. There are still many records to find (very few are online) and add to the databases to prove relationships and complete my research (BG).

I have my own theory of how things get done - Randy's Chunk Principle - if you do a small chunk of work often, you will eventually end up with a lot of information and maybe even complete your project.

My research? You can see it at - there are genealogy reports there for my ancestry (in several parts), my Seaver surname database, and other surname databases too. If you find any errors or omissions, or have additions, please let me know!

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