Friday, July 7, 2006

The President is my cousin, too

There was a recent online article about the census database being completed, and noting that President George W. Bush and vice-President Dick Cheney are cousins. The common ancestor mentioned was William Fletcher of Chelmsford MA in the 17th cetury. The article is here.

After doing a bit of checking, and finding a database on the Internet with George W. Bush's ancestry here, I figured out that I have the following relationships with President Bush (the generations back are from me):

* Daniel and Mary (Grant) Smith of Watertown MA (10 generations)
* Ebenezer and Mary (Smith) Phillips of Charlestown and Southborough MA (10 generations)
* Thomas and Mehitable (Garnsey) Horton of Rehoboth MA (11 generations)
* John and Eunice (MOusall) Brooks of Woburn MA (11 generations)
* Thomas and Elizabeth (Cole) Pierce of woburn MA (11 generations)
* John and Mary (Gawkroger) Prescott of Lancaster MA (12 generations)
* Ephraim and Mary (Bullen) Clark of Medfield MA (12 generations)
* William and Mabel (Kendall) Reed of Woburn MA (12 generations)
* Anthony and Anne (____) Pierce of Watertown MA (12 generations)
* Samuel and Anne (Sheldon) Walker of Reading MA (12 generations)
* William and Lydia (____) Fletcher of concord MA (12 generations)
* John and Anne (Smith) Moore of Sudbury MA (12 generations)

I think we share several others in earlier generations, but I don't want to bore everybody (BG).

My father's Ahnentafel is here on the Chula Vista Genealogical Society Surname Search database.

By my calculations, George W. Bush is my 8th cousin. Some of my New England cousins were appalled that they were related to the President. Then I told them about all the other Presidents they were related to (that's another blog article) - most are Republicans! They believe me (I think), but are not happy campers. Now I need to work on Dick Cheney's cousinship with me!

Do you think if I write my cousin George and give him advice on running the country that he will listen to me? If I invite him to stay over at my humble abode on his next visit to San Diego, do you think he will accept?

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