Saturday, July 8, 2006

Free Digital Books (330,000) online

On the APG list, Ray Beere Johnson II reported that there are 330,000 digital texts available, for FREE, for personal download at the http://World Ebook Fair until 4 August. Ray has been downloading a book on ancient Irish historical and genealogical resources (from the CELT collection).

The World Ebook Fair web site says:
Ten times as many eBooks are available from private eBook sources, without the media circus that comes with 100 billion dollar media mavens such as Google. The World eBook Fair has created a library of wide ranging samples of these eBooks, totaling 1/3 million. Here are eBooks from nearly every classic author on the varieties of subjects previously only available through the largest library collections in the world. Now these books are yours for personal use, free of charge, to keep for the rest of your lives.

Click on the "Browse Collection" link and you can see what collections are included. You can use a search engine (the results look like Google results) to find key words in the collection. A search for "genealogy" produced about 1600 hits, not all of which are in our interest. A search for my surname, "seaver" produced 58 hits, at least one of which looks interesting to me.

Please note that the Ebooks here cover a broad field and not just genealogy. Look for books in your other interests (history, politics, literature, art, etc) too.

Thanks to Ray's tip for this good news.

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