Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Go Visit "Geneablogie"

One of my favorite genealogy blogs is Geneablogie, written by Craig Manson. Craig has an interesting biography:

I literally have a checkered past. My ancestors include African slaves and Native Americans, as well as members of America's most prominent colonial and antebellum-era families. That's why America's history is very personal to me. At age 50+, I'm now old enough to have a perspective on that history. In the last three decades, I've been a disc jockey, a law professor, a broadcast journalist, a military officer, a judge, and have served at the highest levels of government. My family surnames: Birdsong, Bowie, Brayboy, Bryant, Gilbert, Gines, Johnson, LeJay, Long, Manson, Martin, McCray, Sanford.

Craig recently retired from the United States Air Force Reserve after 34 years of military service to our country, and now revels in his new role as "citizen." He has a very interesting ancestry - one we can call "100% American." On his blog, Craig writes posts about his current genealogy research and provides ancestral biographies, which I really like to read.

Visit Craig's blog, and add him to your daily bloglist - you'll enjoy the experience!

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