Monday, August 7, 2006

Grill your Granny?

While browsing through the new Everton's Genealogical Helper issue today, I ran across an advertisement for

Aside from the obvious concern that this was a bad joke about barbecuing your beloved ancestor #5 or #7, I figured I'd take a look. In that respect, the ad worked great! In a saner moment, I guessed that the title really was aimed at questioning your grandmother about her ancestry.

The web site sells ornate family trees (pedigree charts or fan charts up to 8 generations) that you can fill in with your ancestors. They sell the paper copy individually in up to 22 x 17 size, or CDs with 10 images on each CD.

To each his own, I guess. I'm not sure I would have named my web site Grill Your Granny, though.

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