Friday, August 11, 2006

More curious, strange and humorous names

It's a pretty slow genealogy news day, and I'm tuckered out from transcribing wills and deeds for most of the day, get more curious, strange and humorous names from the posts on the BlackSheep mailing list:

* Fathergone Dinley -- I guess Mom named this baby!

* Watching Mather -- this baby must have had big wide open eyes

* Repent Savage -- hmmm, this could have lots of meanings

* Pleasance Jolly -- I'll bet he never spoke badly of any person

* Constant Clapp -- it's not the baby's fault!

* Preserved Clapp -- Clapp used to be an honorable surname

* Brightberry Brown Gardner -- different!

* Ima Dymple -- this seems too good to be true. Wonder who she married?

* Icy Ann Frost -- a cool name for a little girl

* Possom Sisson -- unbelievable, eh?

Then there were whole families with interesting children's names:

* Jordan family -- children Dominicus, Rishworth, Neafpon, Lonxy, Fowlke, Keziah, Tristram, Clement, Styleman, Shuah, Mehitable, Melatiah, Sylvanus, Israel and Lemuel.

* Johnson family -- children named Commodore Perry, Andrew Jackson, Zachariah Taylor, Capotle, Pheuba Jane and Noble.

* Holcomb family -- children named Mary Safronia, Ettie Any, Jappie Jay, Aral Tee, Jimmy Dee, Nettie Anner, Tone, Billie Dee, Vonnie B. and Oral.

God bless each one of them - at least the boys weren't named Sue.

What were their parents thinking???

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