Sunday, December 17, 2006

500th Genea-Musings Post!!!

On a day when I have not advanced my "genealogy research" ball one inch due to "real life" responsibilities and activities (church in the morning, garage cleaning in the early afternoon, gift wrapping most of the afternoon, a short nap, more gift wrapping, and then watching the Charger game tonight), it looks like this post is my 500th in the short life of this blog.

It started out in mid-April as Randy's Musings (and is still listed that way at Cyndi's List!), with posts on baseball (Go Padres!), oldies music, family pictures, genealogy research and family history. In late June, I had the splash of insight (in the shower, no less) that I should concentrate on genealogy in this blog, and came up with the name Genea-Musings. It combines genealogy and musings (deep thoughts?), and also contains the word "a-musing" to cover the funny, strange or peculiar stuff.

Over 8 months (about 245 days), I've averaged about two posts a day. There was a dry spell in August when we were on vacation in New England, and shorter dry spells when we were away for a week or weekend visiting friends or family.

It has been a fun time doing this blog, and I hope to keep it going at about the same rate over the foreseeable future. The challenge is to find fresh content that informs, helps and entertains genealogy researchers like yourself. The fun part is making new friends and contacts through blogging, and hopefully helping researchers find new or improved research tools in the process. I really enjoy digging through the census, and other resources, for strange and funny names, occupations or situations. That's my quirkiness, I know, and I hope you don't mind it once in awhile.

That said, it's back to work looking for content for post #501. We will be going on a 10 day road trip leaving 12/19 and returning 12/29 as we share Christmas with our daughters, their hubbies and children, and then with Linda's brother. I should have web access most days, but blogging will probably be lighter than usual for me.


Craig Manson said...

Congratulations, Randy! I continue to enjoy--and learn from--your writing!

Lee said...

Congratulations, Randy!

Tim Agazio said...

Congrats, Randy! 500 posts is quite an accomplishment. I've only got 20 and have already found its hard to find things to write about...I thought it would be easy...I was wrong. You are doing a great job...I look forward to reading your blog daily...even if you are a Charger fan. I'm from Denver and am a die-hard Bronco manic. I'm still in mourning for the game 2 weeks ago!


Tim Agazio said...

I meant to say maniac!

Janice said...

Congrats Randy!


James said...

Great Work Randy. I am an avid reader of your blog. Hopefully one day I shall also get near to 500!