Thursday, February 15, 2007

Some Free Courses at Heritage Genealogical College

During the discussion about Genealogy Education on the APG mailing list, Jeannette Daniels posted a note listing the courses offered at Heritage Genealogical College - listed at

The College offers a multitude of courses, and Associate and Bachelor degree programs. It appears that the courses in the first five semesters can be taken online, in an intensive one-week course, or in-person in Salt Lake City.

There are seven free courses available at the bottom of the course list, under the heading "Public Service." These can be taken online, but you have to register for them. The courses available for free include:

* LDS Sunday School Course GEN 90 - no credit (Section 1 - Internet)

* Boy Scouts of America Genealogy Merit Badge GEN 91 - no credit (Section 1 - internet)

* Writing Life Stories from Research GEN 92

* Pre-1850 Research GEN 93

* Beginning Genealogical Research Course GEN 94

* Using Census Research GEN 95

* Reading Old Handwriting GEN 96

Click on the blue circle (with an "i" in it) on the right side of the line on the web page for a summary of each class. There may be certain times for each class. For example, the summary for GEN 94 says:

This course has no credit. It is provided free of charge to Public School teachers, Genealogical Societies or other groups. The course has six lessons that quickly cover how to verify information the students have. It covers looking for mistakes or fraud, the sources needed to be successful in verifying genealogical information as well as how to plan for future research. Although this course is free, the teacher or group instructor will need to register the class so that a separate section will be created for that class. Without a separate section, all students in all of the groups will be blended together. Please email HGC with the dates that your class will begin and end, etc. Prerequisite: None.

If you are a beginner interested in learning about genealogy research, the Beginning course above might be useful. If you want to pursue a degree in Genealogical Research, this college may be an opportunity to pursue it.

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