Thursday, March 1, 2007

Googling for Google Maps

You probably already knew this, but I just figured it out.

I have a Google search box on my Internet Explorer menu bar and use it frequently to search for name combinations and localities.

During my searches today for Bresee (and surname variations) people in the census I ran across some township names that were not on the maps available on the USGenWeb site for Columbia County NY. Like Livingston and Hillsdale. Where were they?

I clicked into the Google search box, put in the search [ livingston "new york" map ] and the first result is a link to Google Maps centered on Livingston, Columbia County, NY. From there, I searched up and down the county and into the adjacent counties, and all the way down to the Delaware Water Gap before I realized I had lost my focus. I love maps!

Google maps are not new, but they are still wonderful, and I am ecstatic that I found an easy way to answer my "where is it?" question.

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