Thursday, March 1, 2007

Kid's T-shirts at JMK Genealogy

JMK Genealogy Gifts has some genealogy stuff for kids (at that say:

1) A T-shirt that says "My grandma kicks ass at genealogy" (and one that says grandpa too).

2) A bib that says "Will trade pacifier for web site subscriptions"

3) A bib that says "I need to transcribe some census records and update my genealogy blog, but.... could you please change my diaper first?"

There are several other kids items at their commercial site -

Way cool stuff. This of course leads to the temptation to find other genealogy themes for kids' shirts, bibs and even jammies. How about:

"Pre-school is great, but a day with grandpa at the cemetery is fun"

"My grandpa says I am a 14th generation American"

"Climbing family trees with grandpa is fun"

"My ancestors made me what I am"

Do you have any suggestions? Tell me a saying or two that would be appropriate and funny for kids' gear.

Check out their other offerings too at . Note that I am not affiliated with JMK - I just like their products!


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