Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A look at the Genea-Cave

I posted some family pictures of the grandkids and the home remodel over at my other blog at - go there if you want to see the other part of my life.

I've kidded about the Genea-Cave, so I took some pictures today to show it off.

As you enter the room, the Genea-desk with the laptop is on the left, and the bookcases with the notebooks and periodicals straight ahead. The boxes on the floor hold the CVGS archives and working files, plus some family stuff.

Looking from the closet door toward the doorway, the desk is on the right and the tall bookcase has my working files, and the small bookcase to the right has the photo archives.

See, I really am organized. I know where almost everything is. The problem is that sometimes piles need to be moved before I can get to something I need. I guess I need a bigger Genea-Cave, or at least more bookcases!

The Genea-Cave would look different if the desktop machine was on the desk, but only the peripherals are there now - the desktop computer is in Victorville having an attitude adjustment.

Did anyone notice the fluted glass on the right of the small bookcase? It holds the "magic M&Ms" that spur this Geneaholic to pursue blogging.


Joe said...

And I thought my apartment was messy :)

Tim Agazio said...

Your cave looks a lot like mine...only your's seems more organized!